"When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen."   Samuel Lover

I discovered the itch of the writer during my childhood years. Our family owned no technologically advanced "toys" such as contemporary families enjoy. Relatively few homes in our neighborhood even owned television sets. Consequently, we relied on our imagination to generate entertainment. Of all my childhood pursuits, writing was my favorite. I'm told I showed ability in this area at an early age, but no one encouraged me to pursue it. Therefore, I considered the stories and poems I wrote during those years as just a favorite pastime. Yet, I had to write!

I still must write! Writing is both a life-style and a lifeline for me. The materials I write emerge from my experiences as wife, mother, grandmother, friend, schoolteacher,and Bible instructor. But my incentive for writing is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I experience some of my most profound creativity as I commune with God at my computer. My words, thoughts, and life experiences take on new meaning and, often, I'm amazed at the finished product.

I am always humbled when a reader tells me that he or she has been touched, inspired or helped by something I've written. It's then I'm reminded anew that this ability is not my own and must be shared to the glory of the Creator who has gifted me to create with pen and paper. I pray that as you read my works you will relate in some positive fashion to them, and to Him.

Ruby J. Howard, former public schoolteacher, began teaching Bible classes more than 30 years ago and simultaneously launched a formal writing career. In 1993, she founded Ginosko Publications, a Christ-centered publishing venture through which she distributes her own writings. Ruby and her husband, Percy, have two married sons, three grandsons, and a granddaughter. The Howards live in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Ruby J. Howard